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Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Use Fewer Products with Simpler Ingredients

Since the whole country is striving to "Go Green" why not take a step further and replace your beauty products with all natural beauty products which your hair and skin will soak up happily.

Remember, the synthetic chemicals that we expose our bodies to have very similar effects on our skin and hair, as the pesticides we ingest when choosing to eat foods that are non-organic. They are poisons that cause our immune systems to become damaged and inflamed.

Take a more soothing approach to your skin and hair by using Just Cactus products. And make a change today to a natural, healthier you!

100% Sustainability

Whilst we strive for the perfect ‘do’, the one thing we don’t take time to consider is that if we are using standard, chemical based products laden with ingredients you can’t pronounce, those chemicals have the potential to be inhaled and absorbed by our body and by the environment around us. Phthalates, artificial fragrances, aerosols and even Brazilian blowout formaldehyde are all found in standard haircare products. These very same ingredients make up industrial cleaners, it’s just a question of concentration.

If you want to avoid the effects of these harmful chemicals, sustainable, green products, like the complete hair care line from Just Cactus, is the only way to go!

Discover the Difference of Hand Crafted Quality

Now ask yourself, what are the benefits of using hand crafted beauty products? The obvious reasons are the health advantages to your hair and body, when using these products. Going this route you know actually what you are getting, and are in control of what you put on your body.

Our hand crafted beauty products contain extracts of different wonderful ingredients such as plants, oils and fruits. You are able to clearly read all the products listed on the labels. These ingredients soothe, tone, moisturize, and heal your skin and hair. Free of all harmful toxic ingredients it is truly clear why Just Cactus is the best decision to make when choosing your beauty products.

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